ACC with Siri

This is a guest article by ACC user BricioEs02 - thanks!

Does ACC supports Siri?

5 minute read, 10 minute guide (you should not miss this if you're an iOS user)

The answer is Yes of course and it's even more powerfull, easier and fun than using it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, let me tell you why and guide you through on how to use it.

How does it work?

As you know, Siri Shortcuts (this is the key) works on any device that has iOS 12 or later (iPhone, iPod touch, HomePod, Apple Watch Series 3, etc.), and if you're new to ACC it basically excecutes actions that are on a text file that is sent with an specific command said to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa with IFTTT, then this file is created and sent to a speciffic folder path on Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive that ACC on your computer is listening to and then it excecutes those commands.

So the biggest difference here is that we don't need IFTTT anymore.

Why? you'll ask...

So with Siri Shortcuts we're skipping the IFTTT step, and we also UNLIMITED "applets" and an endless oportunity of customization. This is why Siri Shortcuts is way more powerful than any other service. And is also Free.
So let's get in to it on how to make this thing work.

How to create an applet with Siri Shortcuts?

We're glad that you made it here.
So first you have to open the Siri Shortcuts app on your Apple device, and if you don't have it, please don't worry and download it from the Apple Store here:

Once you've opened it, touch the + icon on the top right corner on your phone.


Then select Add Action and search for "Choose from Menu" and select it.

1242 1242

(we highly recommend you doing this instead of creating an "applet" every single time, just keep following the steps and you'll see).

Once you've selected it, you can put a prompt if you want to. In this case we are doing a Restart and a Shutdown commands just to show you how it works. (You can also check all the available actions here:

Now on the menu options One and Two, you're going to change it for Restart and Shutdown as it shows.


Here comes the cool part, now select the + at the bottom of the screen and search for Text and select it.


To move the text to another location (we want this), keep your finger on the screen selecting the Text window and move it under the Restart option just as shown:


Now, keep your finger on the Text icon and a dropdown menu should appear. Then select Duplicate and move the new text window under the Shutdown option as shown:


We're almost done! Now we have to write the actions we want ACC to excecute, so on the text window under the Restart option you need to type this:


and in the text window under the Shutdown option you need to type this:


It should look like this:


The ignoreme action on the first line is because if you write only shutdown:/f, knowing that the first text line will be the file name, Siri Shortcuts will tell you that special characters are not allowed. So everytime that you're making one of these, remember to include the ignoreme action on the first line. And as you might think, yes, this action does absolutely nothing on ACC, it's just to name the file.

We have the actions, now we need to tell Siri Shortcuts where to save them.
In order to do that, we need to select the + icon once again and search for Save file and select it. On Service you need to select Dropbox and turn off the Ask where to save switch:

  • Note: At this time, Siri Shortcuts only gives us the Dropbox option, so please consider using it as it's the recommended service on ACC.

On Destination Path type the folder path ACC is listening to on Dropbox, (By default it's AssistantComputerControl/) and turn on the Overwrite If File Exists switch:


Then select Next on the top right corner of your screen and give the shortcut a name, a cool color and a nice looking icon. (Remember that the name is what you have to say to Siri in order to trigger the shortcut. So please consider an easy one for you and for her).

And you're done!
Pretty easy right?
Now you can enable this shortcut adding a widget on your locked screen or simply saying Hey Siri, [The name of your shortcut] if you have the Siri always listening option on your device enabled, or simply trigger it with your trigger button. Or if you have a Home Pod or an apple watch you can use them too! Pretty cool right?.

These are the basics on how to create an applet with Siri Shortcuts, I'm going to leave you some common ones down here. You can modify them to solve your own needs or you can just learn the structure to make your own.

Don't forget to share with us what you've done with this useful tool on the ACC Discord at the applet-sharing section here!:

If you still have questions or issues, please contact us at the help section, we'll be really happy to help you: