How to "hack" ACC

AssistantComputerControl is quite hackable. As described in the Semi-advanced guide "How it works", ACC merely reads a file in a given folder with a given extension, checks if the content of the file matches an action written into the software, if so; it executes it (otherwise it does nothing). The file is removed after reading it - successfull or not, so the folder that is being listened to will always be empty (from files with the given extension, not folders or other filtypes)

So, by "hacking" we mean "using in different ways than intended".
For example, if you're writing some code that should be able to shut down the computer (or do any other action) that ACC supports, you could just create a file in the folder that ACC is listening to, with the text "shutdown", and ACC would handle shutting down your computer.

How to get the filetype & folder that ACC is looking for

In registry keys, at the following registry path; Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AssistantComputerControl

  • ActionExtension
  • ActionFolder