Translating the software

Anyone can translate ACC! By default the software is in english, but any and all languages can be added with help from community-members!

Requirements for translating the software


  • you must be at least 18 years old
  • it must be your native language

As ACC is used by many thousands of people, we won't just add any translation without review. All translations have to be reviewed and approved before it's included in the official release.

If you have made a translation that is not yet reviewed or approved, you can still share it with people, who will need to manually place it in the AssistantComputerControl installation folder, subfolder "Translations"

How to translate the software

Translating AssistantComputerControl is quite easy! All the text is located in a .json file, and all you have to do is download the default English translation, open it in either Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code and start translating!

Before translating

**Get started!** - **DOWNLOAD THE TRANSLATION FILE HERE; [Translation file](** - And **download the latest version of the software**

Place your translation JSON-file in the "Translations" of ACC, which (by default) is located in your Program Files x86/AssistantComputerControl/Translations folder. Edit the translation file and restart the software to check the changes!


  • Don't change the JSON name, only the value ("dont_change": "Change me!")
  • Change the "contributors" to include your name (if you want credit)
  • Change the name of the file to the language you are translating to (first letter uppercase)
  • Set the language name in the JSON file to be the same as the filename
  • Don't delete any lines
  • Check if everything fits. If one of the translations is longer than the standard english phrase, there might be a chance that it's too long to the point where it obscures other content or pushes it away. Cross-reference your translation with the English one
  • Links and HTML code () must stay - only modify pure text
  • Things wrapped in { } must stay the same (fx {cloud_service} - do not translate this)
  • Make sure the translation means exactly the same as the default english one
  • If in doubt, ask in our Discord server for help

The reason you need Visual Studio to modify the translation file, is because it is not 100% valid json format, seeing the file contains comments to help the translator. Visual Studio allows for comments in JSON, and still makes sure the format of the file (which is very important) stays correct.

Done translating?

Send the developer "Albert" a private message on Discord (find him in the ACC Discord server), or write in the #software-translating channel.

After your translation has been received, you will be asked about your name, age and native language, whereafter the translation will be validated by someone else that speaks the same language, and then be added to AssistantComputerControl!

Thanks for helping making AssistantComputerControl awesome!