Action mod documentation

This is the documentation on how Action Mods are picked up and treated by ACC. If you're interested in knowing how to create one, a more detailed guide on the creation of action mods can be found in the Creating action mods article.

Where are action mods located?

Always in the current user's Documents folder; Documents/AssistantComputerControl/mods - not the chosen action path (where the software listens for new action files). Here every action mod should have its own folder.

Files required in action mods

In an action mod folder, there must be a info.json file and the file to be executed. There can be as many other files you wish for as well, but at least two are required.

info.json options

All supported options in the info.json file. If it doesn't state that an option is "(required)", it's optional and does not need to be included in the info.json file.

  • author (required); name of the person who created the action. Preferably not a screen-name, but your actual name.
  • author_contact; any optional contact info on the author of the action mod. Email, Discord tag - anything.
  • title (required); pretty name of the action
  • version (required); version of the action. Must be an integer.
  • for_version; specific version of ACC required to use this action (minimum version, not max)
  • action_name (required); action name. Must be snake_case (all lowercase, only letters and underscore - no spaces)
  • options
    • file_name (required); full name (and location), with extension, of the file ACC should open. The file should be in the same folder as info.json, although placement in subfolders are allowed.
    • requires_param; true / false - whether the action mod requires a primary parameter
    • require_second_param; true / false - whether the action mod requires a secondary parameter
    • min_python_version; for Python action mods - minimum version of Python required to run the action mod
    • max_python_version; for Python action mods - maximum version of Python required to run the action mod

Full example of an info.json file

	"author": "Albert MN.",
	"author_contact": "[email protected]",
	"title": "X action",
	"description": "This action does X",
	"version": 1,
	"for_version": "1.5.0",
	"action_name": "test",
	"options": {
		"file_name": "",
		"min_python_version": "3.8",
		"max_python_version": "3.8",
		"requires_param": true,
		"require_second_param": false

Action return to ACC

The action mod script should return with the following format to ACC;

[ACC RETURN] true/false, optional message


[ACC RETURN] false, failed to do the action

There must be a space between [ACC RETURN] and the true / false status, and a comma right after the status.