Google Drive & Alexa

If you don't wish to use Dropbox, but rather some other cloud application, this guide will teach you how!

**[Use the _"Applet Creation Helper"_ builder]( on the ACC website, which will guide you how to make an applet for every available action!**

This guide will teach you how to use Google Drive with AssistantComputerControl, rather than Dropbox! You will be shown how to set up ACC with Google Drive and Amazon Alexa, but the Google Assistant setup is exactly the same.

Google Drive needs to be installed and running on your computer at all times, just like Dropbox or OneDrive would require

The guide is for those who have already downloaded ACC, and know that it (by default) depends on IFTTT and Dropbox.

1. First step: Go to IFTTT and make a new applet

First, we have to choose which action we want to use. In this guide, we'll be using "lock", which locks your computer. You can pick any other action, but mind the ones with requires parameters. For more info on parameters, see The use of parameters.

A: Go to IFTTT, sign in if you aren't already, or create an account if you don't have one.

B: Navigate to My Applets, and click "New Applet"

C: When asked to choose a service, search for "Amazon Alexa" (or Google Assistant, if that's what you're using)

D: Click the box with the title "Say a specific phrase" and write what it is you want to say to your assistant, to make it react. We'll go with "Lock PC". When it's written, press "Create trigger".


2. Second step: Google Drive setup

A: Press + that

B: Search for Google Drive and click it

C: Press "Upload a file from URL"

D: Fill the text-fields;

  • File URL needs to be, followed by the action you want to do. So if we want to do the lock action, the File URL should be;
  • File name can be anything, but include .txt in the end! Example: action.txt. This is important; if .txt is not included it will not work
  • Drive folder path should be AssistantComputerControl

E: Press "Create action", call the applet what you want, and press "Finish"

All done! The Amazon Alexa and Google Drive part is finished. Now on to change some quick setting in the AssistantComputerControl software

4. Fourth step: Lock your computer!

In this step, we'll be testing our new IFTTT applet!

A: Say the trigger to your Alexa. IFTTT with Alexa requires you to say "Trigger ...." as a suffix before the action. For example; Alexa, trigger lock pc as we chose in this guide.
B: Now you computer should hopefully be locked!

If not, this is a common issue. Go to the IFTTT Google Drive settings, press the "Edit connection" button, sign in to your Google account once again, and it should be fixed.

If it still doesn't work, make sure you haven't done something wrong in the steps above - go through them again. Otherwise, refer to the Troubleshooting (FAQ) guide if you're having further problems.

And that was how to make ACC work with Google Drive!