Controlling multiple computers

This article will explain how you use the multi-computer functionality in the software introduced in version 1.4.0

How does it work?

As you probably already know, ACC works with your cloud service and the platform IFTTT to deliver a message / "action" to the software running on your computer. If you had multiple computers running ACC, all tied to the same cloud service, all the computers would execute the action. The multi-pc functionality lets the software filter messages / actions and check whether they're meant to target the specific computer.

1. How to do it?

In the software settings (right click the ACC icon in the tray where you also find the volume icon, time etc., and click on "settings") you'll see a section called "Multi-computer support".

Let's say you have a desktop computer and a laptop. In the ACC settings on your desktop PC, you'll wanna set the "Computer name" field to something like "desktop", and keep the "Default computer?" checkbox ticked. Now on your laptop you'll wanna call it something like "laptop".

Note; the name "google" and "alexa" is reserved and can't be used as a computer name


As long as all the computers you use ACC on has a different "Computer name" set in the settings, they won't execute the same actions.

The "Default computer?" setting" is something you're gonna wanna have ticked on your primary PC. This setting makes sure the software still accepts actions if there is no computer name specified.

2. Make applets targetting each computer

The "annoying" part about this feature is, that for each computer, you're gonna have to have a different set of applets. For your primary computer you can keep all the default ones (that don't have a computer name specified), but for every other PC you want to control, you're gonna have to make new applets.

Making your own applets is simple, and this "Applet helper" page on the ACC website willl help you do it in no time. There are also the written guides here at the documentation with the "Making your own applets" guides in the left sidebar <.

To specify which computer an action should target, all you have to do is include [COMPUTER NAME] (where you replace "COMPUTER NAME" with the name you gave the computer in the settings). The computer name has to be at the very end of the command.

Example: I want to make an applet that sends CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to my computer (aka: the shortcut to open task manager). Set the "content" field inside the cloud service to key_shortcut:CTRL+SHIFT+ESC[desktop]. After running the applet, the computer named desktop will send the keystroke. Be aware that the [COMPUTER NAME] is at the very end.

ATT Google Drive users; the correct way to use computer names in a Google Drive applet is as follows;