Application advanced settings (expert setup)

This guide will take you through;

  1. What "expert setup" and "advanced settings" is
  2. What it requires of you
  3. Is this option for me?

What does "expert setup" do?

Expert setup is for those who do not wish to "hack" ACC, not be dependant of one of the supported cloud services (or even IFTTT), like the standard settings are build - make AssistantComputerControl their own, maybe even use it for something entirely different than its original purpose.

This setup option allows the user to have total freedom over ACC. It doesn't apply all the standard default settings, but lets the user choose them. The settings mentioned are specifically the "Action folder path" and "Action file extension". These two settings determins where ACC looks for the action-file. If you don't know what is meant by "action file", the expert setup is probably not the way to go, but if you wish to learn, you can read about how ACC works in this Wiki article.

What it requires of you

  • Knowing how ACC works, and why this option would (maybe) be the way to go for you
  • Being comfortable going in "alone"; support is usually not provided when the user doesn't use the standard settings

Is this option for me?

You should use the advanced settings/expert setup if you either;

  • Want to use something else than Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive
  • Want to use ACC for a different purpose
  • Customize ACC, make enhancements in the code to taylor-make it for your own use

What’s Next

Want to use Google Drive?